My art background includes two years in the visual arts program at York University but I switched my major to Computer Science (you know why, sigh…) and ended up as a computer programmer, but, while working in IT, I took various night courses and many of the wonderful week long courses at the Haliburton School of Fine Arts.

​Now, after 35 years of working with computers, I have decided it is time for the right side of the brain to be in charge.  So here I am.

I am a person who needs to create. I am most happy while I make things.

I paint in acrylic and I am representational but not realistic. I am mostly interested in trees and flowers. I think it is the asymmetry of nature that calls to me. It is negative spaces, and random patterns that are not really patterns, that draw my attention.

I live in Burlington and am a member of the Burlington Fine Arts Association. Before, I lived in North York where I became a member of the Willowdale Group of Artists and I remain a member. (Yes, that is a lot of driving.)

Willowdale Group of Artists

Burlington Fine Arts Association